Welcome to Office Hours. A 30-minute session dedicated to optimizing your Ambition instance and industry IQ. Our panel of experts builds the monthly agenda around trending topics, product best practices, and frequently asked questions from sales leaders like you. See December Office Hours below.

2022 is just around the corner, which means your sales kickoff is, too. As you reflect on your team’s 2021 accomplishments and set your sights on what’s ahead, your Ambition instance serves as a rich resource to incorporate into your 2022 SKO.  

In this month’s office hours, Enterprise Customer Success Manager Michelle Bullock and Mid Market Customer Success Manager Megan Nelson discuss how you can leverage Ambition data to inform key SKO takeaways.

Below are three ways to look at, present, and inform your future strategy with your Ambition data.

  1. Reference accolades from the past year to celebrate wins and recognize reps
  2. Utilize training sessions to educate your GTM team on which products sold best and prep them with a strong talk track for next year
  3. Adjust scorecards based on what your top performers are doing and inspire your team to hit new goals 

Plus, get ideas on how to keep the motivation and momentum going all year long with compelling incentives and competitions—and find out how Ambition’s VP of Sales got his face on a billboard in downtown Nashville. 

For more on how to put Ambition to work for your 2022 SKOs, watch the full session here.

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