Keeping a sales team as motivated and excited in a remote work environment as they used to be in an office can be tough. You don’t have the same live cheering, speakers, TV notifications chirping throughout the day, or massive high fives and hugs. So is it possible to get the energy flowing again and hype up your team in a remote world? The answer is absolutely. 

In this session of How Ambition Uses Ambition, our top sales leaders Mark McWatters and Chris O’Connor walk you through how they use Ambition to encourage, motivate, and just as importantly, keep their teams accountable. 

You’ll watch as Chris takes you through his exact methods for:

  • Onboarding new SDRS (and how he scaled a team of 2 to 12 all while remote)
  • Executing competitions 
  • Navigating 1:1s
  • Rewarding and encouraging his team 

You’ll see how Mark:

  • Coaches a team of AEs and other sales leaders
  • His exact agenda for 1:1s
  • Sets up scorecards for AEs
  • Utilizes the Live TV alerts in URL format for remote teams 

Watch now and get the insider look into how our reps and our leaders continue to scale and crush goals. 

How Ambition Uses Ambition is a monthly session, so keep your eyes peeled for next month's episode, all about how Chris, our Director of Sales Development, quadrupled the SDR team using Ambition.

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