NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 2, 2021-- Ambition, the leader in sales coaching and gamification, today announced its integration with Microsoft Teams, a core communication and productivity tool for enterprise sales orgs. This strategic collaboration encourages sellers and revenue teams to evaluate their performance using real-time data, leverage more impactful incentives and competitions to drive business and build culture by celebrating individual or team milestones together, wherever they are working right now.

With the common goal of driving engagement and productivity between humans, the Ambition and Microsoft Teams integration will change the way sellers sell. Now, in the same interface they use for online meetings and chat, reps can see who on their team is successfully completing key sales activities or hitting revenue goals.

Available today to Microsoft Teams users with the app, Ambition's powerful workflow system will enable users to create scheduled or real-time alerts into specific Microsoft Teams channels. For example, a revenue team may want a real-time alert when a team member closes a deal over a certain size, or to create a recurring schedule to post live metric leaderboards. Another popular Ambition Workflow is highlighting anytime a rep exceeds a particularly hard KPI target (like closing over a million dollars in a quarter).

"Ambition for Microsoft Teams will have a huge impact on our customers," said Brian Trautschold, COO and Co-Founder of Ambition. "Teams is where people work, it is where people collaborate—so with Ambition integrations, we can drive awareness and collaboration beyond the revenue team with our workflow engine and automated insights. This partnership empowers sales enablement and revenue leaders to engage their reps, foster accountability and build culture."


  • 91 of the largest 100 companies in the U.S. use Microsoft Teams (source)
  • More than half of Ambition's annual recurring revenue (ARR) is enterprise business

"Ambition's key differentiator is that we are purpose-built for the enterprise," said Butler Raines, VP of Product & Engineering at Ambition. "Our Microsoft Teams integration is important because of the customers we share with Microsoft across some of the largest U.S enterprises in finance, transportation, energy and technology. Now our mutual customers can automate both recognition and encouragement wherever their teams and employees choose to work."

To integrate with Microsoft Teams, tech partners like Ambition undergo a rigorous application process. If approved, Microsoft developers audit the software, call out usability issues, request UX/UI improvements and work alongside the app's in-house developers to perfect and refine the user experience. Until the app meets Microsoft's strict standards and requirements, it will not be released on their marketplace (AppSource).

"Microsoft is very careful about who they partner with," said Travis Truett, CEO and Co-Founder of Ambition. "It's an honor to be one of their recommended apps and directly integrate into their best-of-breed workflow."

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About Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is a proprietary business communication platform developed by Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. Complete with meeting, conferencing, and chat capabilities, Microsoft Teams empowers every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

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We're on a mission to help teams create momentum and achieve goals in a work-from-anywhere world. Ambition's one-of-a-kind Sales Coaching and Gamification platform delivers the capabilities revenue leaders need to coach at scale and create amazing sales culture. The most innovative companies and dozens of Fortune 500 sales orgs rely on Ambition to drive performance and exceed expectations.

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