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Driving Accountability with Leaderboards and Smart Sales TVs 

The energy the sales floor brings to an office is like being in an arena. Triggers go off on the Smart Sales TVs, people yell and applaud loudly, and the excitement is palpable. Suddenly, the competitive drive of the other reps spikes, and they roll up their sleeves to get ready to compete. 

But ever since the shift to working from home, it has been hard to get that energy back. Without being together to cheer each other on from the side or front lines, how can sales teams continue to drive motivation, visibility, and fun? Our CSMs have the answer. 

Watch as our Enterprise CSMs Michelle Bullock and Chad Troughton discuss motivation, celebration, and real-time wins in our September Office Hours. 

  • See how reps get a visual queue into where they’re tracking to goal
  • Learn the benefits of implementing URL-based Smart Sales TVs (meaning they can be shared with anyone on your team)
  • Implement new integrations with Slack or Microsoft Teams
  • Hear best practices on setting up workflows and some of our latest releases surrounding saved filters for leaderboards and added coaching agenda items

The energy and excitement doesn’t have to be lost to current circumstances. Get your sales floor back, no matter where that is.

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