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Have you ever thought of incorporating competitions or adding scorecards into your coaching strategy?  Our SDR Manager, Chris O’Connor, shares the best practices of accountability, encouragement, and sales coaching—and discusses how to create action plans for your reps in this month’s Office Hours. 

To coach your team effectively, you have to look beyond simple output. By examining goals set, action plans taken, calls made, demos booked, competitions won, and so much more, you get a holistic view of how your rep is tracking and performing. 

“Coaching isn’t simply cheering them on but actually helping them take action to get better.”
-SDR Manager, Chris O’Connor


If you need to challenge your rep, create a goal or spin up a competition. If recognition is needed, utilize accolades or workflows. If they are really struggling, create an action plan or schedule additional coaching. 

Tune into the latest Office Hours as we recap the foundations of impactful coaching and show you what metrics you should be paying attention to in order to take your reps to the next level. 

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