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Scorecards are action plans. For reps, they answer the question, “What do I need to accomplish today?” For leadership, they answer the question, “How are my reps tracking?” To effectively guide and scale your sales organization, consider the scorecard a playbook for success for every rep at every level. 

In this month’s Office Hours, we recap the foundations of an effective scorecard and the tools available to help you set realistic goals for your inside and outside teams. Watch the video above and learn:

  • How to keep your sales reps accountable and how to customize scorecards based on role
  • How to leverage Ambition’s smart-benchmarking tool and set KPIs accordingly
  • How to implement lower-is-better metrics and expand Ambition’s use case across teams like Support and Customer Success

Plus hear how the scorecard helped one SDR, Matt Wright, overcome his fears and build confidence. “It’s easy to underestimate the power of a scorecard. I was terrified of the phone—call reluctance was real—but the scorecard boiled it all down and showed me it was just me versus the number. Me versus one more dial. That’s all I had to do and Ambition would recognize me for that. As simple as you can make your task in the scorecard, the more effective your reps will be at the job.” 

For more best practices on what KPIs to build into your scorecard and how to optimize the one you have in play right now, visit help.ambition.com

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