The results are in and *drum roll please*...

We did it! Ambition is still holding tightly to the #1 spot and leading the charge as a Sales Gamification platform. Along with this title we hold so dearly to our hearts, we were also ranked as the leader in Sales Performance Management and Sales Coaching.

As excited as we are, we know that we simply could not do this without our customers. When Ambition first started, we had so many different visions and goals in mind. As we inch closer to being exactly where we want to be, we can’t help but reflect on where we’ve been. 

Ambition is a G2 leader across 3 Categories: Sales Gamification, Sales Performance Management, Sales Coaching-- spanning 3 Customer Segments: Enterprise, MidMarket, SMB

What started as a humble dream to create an amazing culture of recognition, gamification, and fun has turned into a data-driven and high-performing machine. We knew that sales leaders were looking to increase performance, but the dated strategies weren’t working. 

In order to change the game in sales, we had to think beyond commission-based enthusiasm and really start to invest in sales coaching and gamification. We had to dig a little deeper to find out what made sales reps tick. It became apparent that creating an ecosystem of accountability and encouragement was critical to driving elite productivity and performance.

The approach we chose starts with the “why.” It’s the engagement, recognition, and culture building tools that encourage sales reps to exceed their own expectations. In the process, it frees up sales leaders to focus on the future of their teams and how to crush goals. 
As the leaders in sales performance management, gamification, and coaching, we will continue to bring the best in class behavior changing tools to mid market and enterprise sales teams to provide scalable, data-driven results. You focus on your team, we’ll focus on the tools.

It Doesn't Stop Here

As a human-centric company, we could not be more proud of the impact we’ve been able to create for our customers. The more results we see, the more excited we get. We must all continue to adapt to a hybrid work environment and never stop investing in our people. We will continue to push the boundaries of what it means to be a sales leader and generate actionable insights to achieve better outcomes and develop talent. It doesn’t stop here. 

Thank you to our amazing customers, and we look forward to continuing to serve you all!  

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