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[Office Hours] Competitions and Incentives Best Practices

[Office Hours] Competitions and Incentives Best Practices

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[Office Hours] Competitions and Incentives Best Practices

On the 3rd Thursday of each month, Ambition hosts Office Hours to discuss industry and product best practices, trends, and insights. On May 20th, Chad Troughton and Mindy Wittman, Enterprise Customer Success Managers, led an Office Hours on competitions and incentives best practices! Here are some highlights from the session:

Plan Strategic Competitions




Ambition offers two styles of competitions:

  • Challenge Mode
  • Fantasy 

You can pre-schedule competitions in alignment with your organization's strategic initiatives or build quick blitz-style competitions on the fly. 

Be creative with your incentives - They don't always have to cost money! 


A few great low budget incentives are: 

  • 1st place picks YouTube anthems for 1 week (Baby Shark, anyone? 🦈)
  • Lunch with Leadership 🍔
  • Half-Day on Friday 🏖
  • Snooze Button ⏰
  • “Punish” your Manager if team reaches target (think bad haircut or silly outfit day)
  • Praise the Winner 🏆🙌
  • LinkedIn Endorsement 

When in doubt, poll your team on what types of incentives will motivate them!

At Ambition, we have adopted pets as prizes, put up billboards, and let people choose other teammates Slack images for prizes. 

incentive adopt an animal

matt king billboard

matt king billboard design


How to award incentives


Be sure to include a variety of ways to earn a prize during your competitions! Ambition offers both:

  • Threshold level awarding
  • Rank level awarding

Pro tip: Include a 1st place grand prize (even if it's only a virtual high-five) and a difficult but achievable threshold level incentive. Even if one individual is a sure bet win, everyone can continue to strive towards the threshold level incentive! 


See the recording here: 


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