On the third Thursday of every month our Customer Success team hosts an Office Hours session where we focus on best practices, trends, and insights. Yesterday, our CSM team hosted a session focusing on how managers are utilizing data in Ambition to make key decisions and drive results. Below are a few key takeaways from the session and a full recording: 


Utilizing Ratios

metric builder

  • Advanced Metrics (Set up available in your integrations section accessible by admins only) allows you to do simple math ( - , + , / , X ) in order to draw valuable insights from your existing metrics. 

  • We love the example of Call Connects > Meetings Set: Are my people good on the phone and are we calling qualified leads?

  • Finding the correct target for ratios and coaching players that are below the average

  • Your biggest opportunity lies in the middle 70% of your reps. Read more about how to move the middle


Optimizing Scorecards

scorecard builder

  • Build activity score and objective score by working backward from your goals. 

  • Correctly weight your most successful channels

  • Max out metrics where more is no longer driving value

  • 100 shouldn’t be achievable if they have not provided value to the business


Strategically Planning Competitions

contest builder

  • Research shows 4-5 and 11-12 are when prospects are most likely to answer the phones. Plan your call blitz’s during those “Golden Hours”

  • If you know your company has a 60 day sales cycle, when do you need to have opportunities/pipeline built in order to hit those quarterly and yearly goals?

See the recording here

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