Exactly one year ago, the NBA announced they were suspending their season as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The following day, the MLB followed suit and canceled Spring Training and postponed their season for the first time since the events of 9/11 in 2001.

Overnight, they were selling (or not selling) different inventory, attempting to keep season ticket-holders happy, issuing refunds for the first time in franchise history, and attempting to keep morale high as the world watched. So, saying that nobody understands how to pivot hard, hustle, and meet high demand (with dwindling budgets and extreme scrutiny from some of the most loyal fans on the planet) than the people currently selling tickets for professional sports teams is an understatement.

To look back on what they learned and how they're moving forward are the sales leaders from the Memphis Grizzlies (CJ Wiatr, Sr. Director Ticket Sales & Service and Lindsay Jones, Manager, Ticket Sales), Atlanta Braves (Richard Thornton, Sr. Manager, Ticket Sales), and Phoenix Suns (Kyle Pottinger, SVP, Ticket Sales & Service) generously agreed to sit down with me to explore the tactics they’ve used over the past 365 days to keep fans and their staff happy. 

From clever contest ideas to lessons learned (and fails failed) onboarding new reps, they got really candid and shared the keys to their sales coaching success with us. 

Learn how to turn anyone on your team (and customers) into a lifelong fan by watching the recording now: 











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