Right now, reps are still feeling disconnected from peers and they're desperately missing the constant feedback they'd get from you as a leader IRL. Luckily, we know that sales gamification is an incredibly powerful tool to keep your entire sales org engaged, on target, and having a ton of fun. 

To unlock the secret sauce behind great contests, I sat down to talk with one of my favorite colleagues, VP of Sales, Mark McWatters. In this 30-ish minute webinar, we got into how leaders can approach a gamification initiative that gets consistent, sustainable results for their entire sales organization. 

Before we jump into the recording, though, I want to whet your appetite with a few of my favorite Mark-isms:

Mark's Top 5 Tough-talkin' Sales Tips From The 'Nar:

1. The Burn-out Is Very Real:

"This is not an easy sales environment for folks to sell in. How do you mix it up?  How do you create engagement and fun? A contest!"

If you're not feeling burned out after 2020, then I really need your secret. Luckily, contests are here to help us mere mortals keep our heads on straight. 

2. Stick to your formula:

"Everyone needs to step back and think about their sales formula: How many activities does it take to set a meeting? How many meetings does it take for the meeting to hold? How many touches does it take for that held meeting to convert? Keep going down your funnel. When you can understand - even ballpark - your sales formula, then the why behind your contest gets really easy."

What can I say? I'm a sucker for some good ole process and funnel chat!

3. Don’t Hide Behind Your Crappy Prizes:

“Your prize being crappy is not why your contest failed.”

Hottest of takes? Watch and see! 

4. Get it where they live it:

“Where is my team already living? In Slack? In Salesforce? Your goal is to find out. How can you automate (contest) visibility and recognition in those channels? There is no better time to think about that now than at the beginning of 2021. Put. This. Where. People. Already. Live.” 

Whiteboards and TVs are locked away tight, so it's important to meet your people where they are so nobody gets left behind.

5. Spreadsheets? Turns out they're lame.
“Your spreadsheet - NEWSFLASH - probably isn’t motivating many people.” 

FINE! Ok. I get it! This one hurt my feelings, but I'll get over it. 

Ready for more? Get all the contest nuggets you can handle below:  












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