We did it. We got through the year we thought would never end. Despite the numerous setbacks 2020 had in store for just about everyone, our customers had a really busy year! We sorted through thousands of data points and have the top highlights from 2020 as well as what to expect this year

First up, sales coaching. As predicted, 2020 was the year sales coaching really took off. As we all moved remote, we had to find ways to stay connected and aligned on objectives - even from home. With 

  • 52,502 questions asked and answered in 1:1s
  • 32,400 goals created, and 
  • 11,140 1:1 conversations, 

our customers were hard at work having meaningful conversations that supported core KPIs. We predict we’ll see even more coaching happening in 2021. 

Gamification was another critical component in the 2020 sales management strategy. Although the traditional sales floor was obsolete for much of the year, our customers found digital ways to recognize their sales organizations for performing. With

  • 105,333 Accolades rewarded to winning sellers,
  • 1,954,115 alerts fired off to recognize great work via Slack or email, and
  • 4,463 sales competitions launched around the world,

it’s safe to say that gamification was a driving force this year to keep remote teams fired up. We predict that finding ways to motivate, recognize, and hold sellers accountable - digitally - will remain a key priority in 2021. 

Bonus: 2020’s most popular GIF used for celebratory Trigger alerts was none other than Liz Lemon from 30 Rock

Liz Lemon Gif

As we reflect on the past year, we remain grateful for our customers who represent some of the smartest sales organizations in the world. Here’s to another year of crushing sales goals and celebrating wins!

2020: Ambition's Year in Review Infographic

For even more tools and trends to watch in 2021, check out this blog including “The Peloton Play” for effective sales coaching.

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