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Hello Sales World, 

I am so proud to share this week’s release of G2’s updated Winter 2021 rankings, featuring Ambition as stand alone #1 Leader in Sales Gamification software, in addition to ranking Top 5 for Sales Performance Management and Top 10 for Sales Coaching software. 

First and foremost, I want to thank our customers for choosing to trust and invest in our platform and the success of their people. We’re honored by the deep partnership from the world class sales organizations who rely on Ambition to deliver consistent sales performance and effectiveness - wherever they’re working from, but especially in this new remote environment. 

Second, I’m incredibly thankful for the hard work of our team. This team believes deeply in building a product that people want and need (thank you, Paul Graham). And our team continues to answer the call to serve our customers and exceed expectations. 

Per G2, the reviews are evidence of that. 


2020 has challenged every one of us, personally and professionally. 

So I take great pride in the impact the Ambition platform has on our customers: specifically the increased performance of their people and the measurable effect on sales coaching. Especially because so many of those people (sellers, managers, sales development reps, and leaders) are juggling an additional challenge of doing their work, coaching, and leading from afar. 

As we turn the calendar to 2021, I believe companies worldwide must focus on their culture and how to get the most out of their people. How we work will continue to evolve rapidly, and with it, we must proactively evolve the employee experience with it. 

As the leading provider of Sales Gamification software, Ambition is bringing best in class behavior changing tools to enterprise sales teams that are focused on the future of work and employee experience. 

Sales Gamification starts with “Why” - the engagement, recognition, and culture building tools to inspire and align people to exceed their own expectations and achieve objectives. 

But we are not simply a gamification provider. 

We are and will continue to heavily invest in scalable, data-driven Sales Coaching to improve outcomes for sellers and sales leaders, to quantify areas of strength and weakness so that managers can be more effective. And so Sales Enablement leaders can better “coach the coaches” and maximize the impact of their programs. 

We believe the industry is in the early stages of new era of Sales Performance Management 2.0 - where a data-driven, human-centric approach to managing people, sales processes, and  objectives - plus all the data that is generated along the way- is used not simply to gauge past performance (as most SPM systems do today). 

Rather, SPM 2.0 platforms must provide a real-time pulse for leaders and sellers, as well as generate actionable insights to achieve better outcomes and develop talent. 

Ranking as a Top 5 Sales Performance Management software provider for Winter 2021 is a testament to what the Ambition team is building, and the results our customers are attaining. 

I’m thrilled to share these updated G2 Winter 2021 rankings and look forward to continuing to serve our amazing customers. Thank you! 


Happy Selling, 


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