We sat down with Sales Leaders from Selling Power’s #1 Company to sell for AMAROK to learn more about their winning tech stack.  Ambition is thrilled to be a part of the mix that helps the AMAROK team be so successful- and we are just so proud of our customer being named SellingPower's #1 company to sell for 🏆

Can you give a brief overview of the tools your team uses and how they work together to support your sales teams? 

We like thick [tech] stacks and we cannot lie, the other sellers can’t deny . . . 😅 AMAROK uses a handful of tools which lead us to success in our daily activity and in the end, annual achievement.  It all starts with the data. At AMAROK we utilize Salesforce and a number of the available apps to organize, analyze, and manage our data. To fill our pipeline with leads our marketing team utilizes tools like Zoominfo to capture accurate information and Hubspot to nurture them before handing them over. Once we’ve got full pipelines, it’s time to make a connection; getting the lead to answer a call, make a LinkedIn connection, or respond to an email. To manage all these tasks we utilize Outreach. Our reps know who they need to contact each day and how they are going to do it – clear organization is key to success. Once we get them on the phone, we utilize Gong to analyze the call recordings and provide coaching and feedback to our reps. Speaking of coaching, onboarding and continued professional development is done through AMAROK specific MyTrailhead content. Getting back to selling and what keeps our reps motivated; we track our daily and monthly metrics in Ambition. We use triggers to celebrate every deal that comes in with an email (and the only time a reply all email is appropriate!) Managers knock out all 1:1s and ride along evaluations through the coaching feature. What sales rep doesn’t love some sort of competition? Regional, one off, and org wide competitions with **friendly light-hearted** banter is a regular occurrence.  And of course, in sales it ends with the money, we utilize CaptivateIQ to provide our reps with self-service access to their commission statements and inquires. In addition to these main tools we use a handful of other tools like, Loom for short videos both internally and externally facing.

What adjustments did you have to make in order to accommodate moving teams to WFH? 

Like many other companies with boots on the ground, we had to shift our outside selling team to inside sellers. They were making calls and trying different tactics that they had not utilized to connect with prospects. This also meant a huge shift in what their metrics looked like. Instead of visits-- we were now tracking phone calls for reps these things were otherwise not a metric for. We shifted to a heavy reliance on GTM for the [virtual] face to face interaction. Instead of directors riding along with their outside reps in the field, they were now reviewing recordings to help coach after the fact. Thankfully all of our stack made the shift manageable. With the recordings in Gong, we ended up getting more insights from the sessions and alerts on what to listen to which we may not have otherwise been able to hear. A few clicks and our reps metrics were changed in Ambition for them to track and know where they had gaps for each day. Reps and managers are able to log into the Ambition TV scoreboards remotely to celebrate wins just as we would if we were in the office, but with less cupcakes and pizza. 😭

Your org was recently named Selling Power Mag's #1 Company to Sell For - CONGRATS! Can you point to anything specific that you think took you to that #1 spot? 

We are just so honored to be a part of the list with some of the companies that made the cut. Have you seen that meme, where the guy has different pieces of string all-over a corkboard, with photos and pieces of paper and he looks like he’s just a few too many cups of coffee into a 3-day no sleep marathon? That is us, explaining how we worked to get here, there is not just one single factor. We could start with the fact that we sell in teams and surround the deal; from a national account perspective, with input from marketing, sales operations analytics, boots on the ground, and calling the right person to win. Or maybe it starts with our family like atmosphere? Maybe our aforementioned amazing [tech] stack? Could it be the fact that every time a contract comes in that reps anthem bellows through the building on the Ambition TVs? And now here I am, 3 cups of coffee into a no sleep marathon explaining it’s not just one thing. It is the perfect storm of what we have built, the tools, the people, and our processes make us #1.

How do you see your team growing and developing from here? 

Quickly. We’re growing at a rapid pace. Our selling force is expanding to support the rapid growth we are expecting to see and our support branches are growing to help the reps keep pace. We aren’t just focusing on physical people, were constantly reviewing and evaluating the tools we have in our stack to support our reps and the growth and adding (and subtracting or exchanging) where we’ve evaluated a need.

Follow AMAROK here for more on what they are up to. Interested in joining the #1 sales team? Connect with Michael or Katie on LinkedIn!  

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