VIDEO: The entire Ambition Team reflects on the past year & shares what they're thankful for

Below, Co-Founder & COO, Brian Trautschold reflects on the past 11 months as we head into an abnormal holiday week:

Here we are, a sunny, brisk November 23rd and, in America, many are gearing up to Thanksgiving week, prepping to prepare with their favorite dishes this Thursday. 

For many of us it will be anything but a traditional holiday, unable to be with many of our favorite guests and share in our annual festivities. 

That is what this year has been right? A roller coaster of ups and downs and twists and turns, many of which highlight how much we miss even simple traditions, the habits, and the seasonal rituals that have been forced to adjust in the face of 2020. 

Life as we know it has been disrupted, unpredictable, and at times overwhelming in 2020. 

But this morning I want to reflect on things that I, and that our team, are thankful for. 

For me personally, I haven’t traveled for business since March 4th, my last face-to-face customer meeting of the year. In years past, my Delta status and face-to-face visits with customers and partners were rituals I revelled in. 

However, that lack of travel means, thankfully, I’ve been able to read books to my sons almost every night before bed for the past 8 months. 

Our team is now effectively remote (and we’ve seen more dogs, babies, and significant others on video calls than ever before) and it's a privilege to connect even deeper in the lives of our team and our customers. 

At Ambition, we’ve been able to grow stronger and execute with more conviction during 2020. Everything hasn’t broken our way, but we have to be thankful that we still have the opportunity to deliver enormous value to our customers. 

For the most part, our team and their loved ones have been healthy, a blessing that can no longer go unnoticed this year. 

At Ambition we still have a tremendous mission to execute and deliver. It's been important for me to reflect and be present when we see neighbors, family, and friends dealing with their own pandemic-driven challenges: from business, to health, to the stress of our collective new-normal. I’m extremely thankful and want to appreciate that opportunity, clearly defined as no longer a given in the lens of 2020. 

So thank you to our team and our customers. The storm isn’t over, but you are weathering it.

Wherever you gather or celebrate this Thursday - or even if you don’t observe the holiday - I hope you all can find some silver linings to be thankful for this year, and to be present in that moment. 

Together we will overcome, 

Brian Trautschold

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