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On this month’s episode of How Ambition Uses Ambition, we talked about visibility and accountability for a remote workforce, how to use Ambition to aggregate all of your most important data, and how to leverage real-time data in both micro and macro formats for full 360 degree visibility. Here are the key takeaways and full recording if you missed it! 

CRMs are great for aggregating data, but there is no real time component 

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Aggregating data over time is useful for tracking pace, performance over quota periods, and to track what is going on with an opportunity-  but in order to really know what is going on with your reps, you need to leverage data both in aggregate over time and in real time when wins happen. This helps you celebrate your reps and keep things from feeling like “big brother." You have visibility into the team and are able to keep a pulse, but you're leveraging the data to recognize them. Recognition is a top motivator amongst sales-reps, and it is something CRMs just don’t do. Use real time celebration alerts in Slack, broadcast live, up-to-date leaderboards in Slack, run celebrations to a scoreboard URL on your browser or a TV, or celebrate in group email aliases to recognize wins in real time-- motivating your team and keeping them accountable at the same time. Using data in these ways helps you not just passively view metric standings, but impact outcomes by identifying the coaching moments, creating a competitive atmosphere, and motivating with recognition tactics.

View data at the micro and macro levels for a better understanding of performance

activity metrics

We often get caught up in how we're trending to an overall goal and where are we at on the big number. It’s easy to do, but to keep from just passively viewing data and hoping to reach target, you need to drill your data down into the micro level by team and rep, so that you can implement strategies to hit the target. Leadership can view aggregate of volume count of qualified opps, alongside the dollar amount of pipeline created and the percent to target by rep-- in addition to “the big number.” Get insight into every rep at any point in the day with a look at all activity in a single pane of glass-- segmented by department or org wide. This helps managers and leaders see where everyone is toward activity and objective targets. It is a waste of time to simply look at raw numeric counts of opportunities or pipeline dollars without immediate context into targets. Best of all, you don't need to export reports to reconcile performance against the quotas. View everything in line with a mult-metric slide on your scoreboard that includes percent to target tracking. 

Create omni-channel experiences with data for your digital sellers 


Remote sellers, or digital sellers, rely on a few different channels to stay in touch, collaborate, and communicate. You may aggregate data in your executive view in a web browser, inside a Salesforce home screen, or on a salesfloor TV. Alerts and leaderboards may live in Slack, email, browser, or salesfloor TVs. To effectively provide full visibility and recognition for your team, make sure the data stays front and center where they are living. Alerts go mobile in email or slack, newly improved metric dashboards keep the scorecard KPIs in browser view for reps-- bring data in via Salesforce widget-- Lean on the technology and channels that power our remote workforce rather than getting stuck in the same frame of mind that it only works on a "TV" 

Want to hear more? See the full recording here! 

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