This week, I hosted sales experts from Ambition (Mark McWatters, VP of Sales); G2 (Mike Harness, VP - Head of Sales AMER) and Digital River (Stephanie Ryan Senior Manager, Revenue Ops) that was all about selling to Enterprise organizations *right now.*

In the last seven month, Enterprise orgs are feeling some of the most acute pain and understanding their struggles deeply will help your team better-serve these clients.

Here are my favorite takeaways from the convo. Check out the full recording below, though, and let us know what was interesting to you!


1. Your buying committee is bigger than ever, and your RevOps leader is now in the hot seat as someone to win over. The biggest change is that the entire organization is now inherently involved and invested in what's in the sales pipeline. The focus of everyone's attention is no longer on results, but on visibility and automation - ALL of that comes from technology.

Stephanie's Product Team is, for the first time, responsible for the addressable market. They had to set up channels to automatically go-to-market in new verticals faster. The marketing team is now notified on wins and losses, so they can create supporting collateral. Your entire company - filled with new stakeholders for sales tech buys - is notified when things are progressing as a pipeline for the entire company to be on the same page.

2. B2B shopping is starting to look very similar to a B2C experience. Your reps simply can't rely on personal relationships any more. Understanding an individual's pain and, then, communicating that pain broadly in market, requires more cross-functional internal alignment than before. Consumers are being inundated with pitches and inboxes are full-to-the brim. Calendars are fully-booked, too, thanks to a shift to intentional conversations as a direct result of remote work versus quick chats by the water cooler. 

In order for sellers to break through the noise, you have to make it much easier for your buyer to find you, do research, and easily get access to peer reviews. We buy everything online, we're still humans, and work/life is blurry, so your buyer wants self-service from your site - product, pricing, visibility into implementation, and avoiding a long, drawn-out sales process when things are moving so quickly is vital to today's B2B tech shoppers. Making sure that your teams have the collateral they need, investing in tools that create better on-site experiences, and being organizationally aligned as a Revenue team is crucial. 

3. "VP Sally is having an Oh S*** moment because she has to guard against any potential way that this thing could go sideways. She needs to know that there is a team behind her to ensure that this is going to go well." AKA - Your champion is being questioned more.

Sales leaders can help Sally get heads nodding at her company by touting premiere support & implementation. Get as close as you can to painting a picture of how, specifically, they'll hit their KPIs. Onboarding is crucial. The most engaged your client will be on the first day with your new product. Sales leaders need to stay invested in the implementation process. Your client's experience with this process has to keep the fire burning. These next steps beyond the close are vital to retaining and expanding business. Bring the right people into the sales process - expand your selling committee - to ensure there is clarity and confidence that your buyer can actually hit their KPIs. 

See the full recording

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