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How Genworth is driving 70% sales activity lifts and creating culture change with gamifcation

An interview with Jorge Caceres, VP Inside Sales & Customer Support at Genworth

One of the best parts about being a customer success manager at Ambition is playing a role in how sales leaders are able to transform their teams, and as a result, their numbers, with Ambition. I recently had the chance to interview Jorge Caceres, VP Inside Sales & Customer Support at Genworth to learn more about how he and his team modernized their tech stack, leveraged Ambition gamification, and saw impactful increases in sales performance as a result. 

See the clip where Jorge talks about how powerful gamification is for behavior change here


Prior to Purchasing Ambition:

  • Before Ambition, Genworth had no automated gamification. They described themselves as pretty "old school" and used Excel to manage some contests and KPIs
  • They embarked on a technical transformation and sarted enhancing their tech stack. They brought in a new dialer and wanted to be able to gamify their sales activitiy based on that new data the dialer would bring in. Jorge knew that simply receiving data is passive management. He was looking to get the data and then amplify and impact it.  
  • As an entry to gamification, Jorge started with ISDC, and it wasn’t delivering what they needed. They tried some competitions through that platform and saw some good results from Gamification, but it wasn't integratedd into their full tech stack to effectively measure activity and objectives. 
  • This foray into gamification that hinted at promising results helped them get their heads around gamification as a core initiative and increased their appetite to find a complete end-to-end solution. They chose Ambition to be that robust, flexible solution that would impact their org.

After Bringing in Ambition:

  • Gamification under Ambition has totally changed their perspective on the entire topic and the full spectrum of results it can deliver
  • Reps are now able to use ambition in real time to monitor their performance. They were previously relying on weekly reports for their performance before and now they have it real time in front of them at all time. This allows them to better perform day in and out to stay on target.
  • Being able to tie KPIs from SFDC and many other data sources allows more flexibility to compete and measure overall performance throughout the sales funnel.
  • Genworth was able to drive a 70% increase in sales activity during their first contest in Ambition. 
  • After introducing brand-new new pricing models, the Ambition led sales contest helped drive massive results around marketing the new models.
  • Genworth had never achieved number 1 in market share in their segment until the quarter with which they launched Ambition and Ambition contests. 
  • Jorge has cited that the ease of use and data validation have both been amazing with Ambition. Non technical resources can manage ambition which makes it a scalable tool for sales teams.
  • Leaders using ambition now to drive behaviors across their Org. 
  • Teams are saying “bring on the competition now” 
  • Reps across the board are improving their performance with every competition. 
  • Managers being able to leverage the best practices of other managers as usage grows. 

Leaders are being creative, teams are being receptive, engagement levels are up and Ambition is driving the right behaviors for us. I am super pleased with the gamification aspect and where we are with Ambition. 


Leveling up on Ambition/Whats Next:

  • Jorge's next level in Ambition for his team will be implementing coaching and tying that side of performance management in with the gamification to have the full story automated and in one place in Ambition
  • Ambition is straightforward and allows Jorge to make things happen quickly.  

The ambition price point is really easy to justify the value. That's not always the case with the rest of my tech stack.


See the full interview here


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