Jason Braunsroth

Jason Braunsroth is Constant Contact's Director of Channel Enablement. Jason was promoted from an Account Executive experiencing Ambition as a sales rep to now leveraging Ambition at the director level to drive sales performance for his team. As Jason's Customer Success Rep at Ambition, I got to ask him a few questions around his strategy for using proactive sales alerts.


Ambition proactive alerts can be used in Slack, over email or on TVs. So, what made you start using email alerts versus tv alerts?
Jason: COVID was the main motivator to switch all of our alerts over to email notifications. While some reps were pulling up the TV urls on their computers we just weren’t sure if they were viewing them or not. Especially in a work from home environment where we lose that instant gratification on the TV. 

How do you guys use alerts to celebrate your team members at Constant Contact?
Jason: Because our sales cycle can be as short as one day,  we have alerts sent for daily sales goals being hit and 100% Activity Score- which includes a goal for talk time, dials and conversations (calls over five minutes long).  We try not use the alerts in a negative way in front of our reps. We use the issue detection alerts more privately. We really want it to be all about celebration for our sales team to recognize when they are doing a great job.

Do you think that the users are excited about the triggers?
Jason: Absolutely, that is one of the biggest things that gets reps involved.  Reps have asked to have specific alerts created for certain scenarios!

What is the filtering process do you use to determine what would qualify for an alert when a rep has a suggestion?
Jason: We have two sales coaches at each of our locations and the reps know to go to them with any ideas. We promote positive feedback within the organization and love implementing suggestions the reps have on improving culture, visibility and how they can be better enabled to perform.

What would be something you would like to see in triggers within the future?
Jason: A deeper integration with Salesforce. Would like to have the celebration done within Salesforce. 

What would you tell other sales leaders about how Ambition's platform and alerts have helped your team in this remote transition?
Jason: Losing Ambition would make it very difficult for reps to see what their teammates are doing on a day to day basis. They enjoy knowing what the standard in performance is.  Some conversations I have heard about the alerts are: "Rep A has a huge sale day. Everyone sees the alerts going off and so they all know about it. Rep B reaches out to Rep A  asking what they are doing to be achieving their goals so well.  It promotes mentorship and competition in a positive way for us." 

I'd love to help more sales leaders like Jason leverage alerts and other sales performance strategies for their teams. Reach out to our sales team to learn more! 


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