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On our latest Office Hours session, 88% of our customers said they have various sales clubs or awards at their organizations. Traditionally, sales clubs and awards used to be tracked in spreadsheets, tallied on a whiteboard, or ran in a report at the end of a quarter. To help you champion positive sales culture remote or in-office, here are a 17 sales clubs and sales awards ideas and examples to help you automate the recognition and celebration of your team! We've also included a recording and slide deck to show the exact sales awards we use here at Ambition.


Ideas and examples for sales clubs and awards

Sales Quota Attainment Award Examples

Quota Attainment Sales Clubs and Awards

  • President’s club: Diamond, Platinum, and Gold levels

    • Multi-level accolades allow you to create different tiers for your reps to reach

    • $800,000 in ACV sold= diamond level, $600,000 in ACV sold=Platinum, $400,000 in ACV sold = Gold

    • Change the deals sold dollar values to suit your organization’s model

    • This is set up as an automated award through metric attribution so the employee will automatically be awarded the Accolade when the milestone is hit. No manual tracking required.

  • Annual Pipeline Club: multi-level accolade

    • Pipeline accolades are great for outbound SDRs, inbound SDRs, and your marketing team.

    • Set up a tiered approach to track pipeline over time that will help celebrate beyond regular quotas and goals. The pipeline grind feels too real when you hit quota then turn around and start back at zero. Tracking collective attainment over time helps your reps see the bigger picture contribution they have on the organization and serves as a resumé builder and record book of sorts for your org. 

    • This is setup as an automated award through pipeline metric attribution. The rep will automatically be awarded the Accolade when they hit the threshold achievements.

  • Competitor Assassin 

    • Winning deals away from competitors is great for business and great for firing up your team. Consider a special club for competitor takedowns as a way to recognize superior salesmanship and also as a way to fuel the fire for the team to continue hunting competitive steals. 

    • Set this up as either discretionary to be awarded manually by the sales managers or automated if you track competitive steal as a field in your CRM

    • If you utilize sales TVs, you can add the Accolade as a slide, and the rep will get added to the club list as they achieve it.

  • Monthly deals club

    • The monthly deals club can be a recurring, multi-tiered Accolade that let’s reps be “repeat winners” over time. 

    • Structure the tiers for 3 deals in a month, 5 deals in a month, 7 deals in a month, 10+ deals in a month

    • As a rep hits a tier in a single month, they will be automatically awarded the Accolade through metric attribution. In the following months, if they achieve the Accolade again, they will be marked as repeat winners. A rep could end up being a 3x winner of the 10 deals in a month Accolade/tier.

  • Record book

    • Largest ACV deal in history, longest contract in history, largest TCV in history, most meetings set in a month, record pipeline set in a month

    • These can be awarded either manually or automated through metric attribution


Activity and objective based sales awards

Sales clubs examples

  • “That’s a lot of phone calls!”

    • Award daily based Accolades for reps who hit 75+ dials in a day to recognize above average activity that is in service of hitting connect goals. This can be awarded automatically through metric attribution

    • Award lifetime achievement awards of 5, 10, and15,000 dials made to show aggregate impact your SDRs have over time

  • Conversation starters

    • In addition to dials, recognize “connects” or conversation counts

    • Automate 500, 1000, and 5,000 level tiered accolade for the number of conversations a rep has had through the connect metric

  • Pulitzer accolade

    • When your rep gets to the 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 emails opened tiers, they can earn Twain,Hemmingway, and Shakespeare levels of the Pulitzer Accolade

  • Meeting Masters for meeting sets

    • Lifetime achievement awards for meetings set are great for showing aggregate impact of the SDR on the business and work as a resumé booster for your reps

    • These could also serve as micro-promotion awards from Jr. SDR to Sr. SDR to AE advancement

    • Award this automatically through metric attribution for 100, 300, 500+ meeting set tiers

  • 100x100 Accolade

    • When a rep hits 100 on their activity and / or objective scorecard 100 times, let them enter this club

  • What a week!

    • Automatically award a “what a week” Accolade to a rep who has booked 6 meetings in a single week. 

      • Adjust this target as suits your business for what is an exceptionally strong week for meeting sets.

  • Meeting Ninja

    • This Accolade comes from our customer Trinet who awards this Accolade as a daily Accolade if a rep gets 4 meeting sets in a single day. 

Onboarding Accolades for new hire accomplishment clubs and awards

  • First timers

    • First Meeting Accolades award recognition when a rep hits their first meeting set

    • First Deal Accolades award recognition when a rep hits their first deal sold

    • First Activity score of 100 recognizes the hustle for new reps who are hitting their activities even while the objectives are in ramp mode

  • Training completion

    • This can be a manually awarded accolade to a rep who successfully completes the onboarding process that is laid out for them. This help build morale and boost confidence for your new hires


Sales as service

  • Renewals

    • Recognizing AEs with renewals through Sales as a Service Accolade promotes the positive culture of selling “good deals” and celebrating the right fit as an important quality part of the sales process

    • This Accolade can be awarded manually or automatically through renewals tracked in Ambition. Give it out for every renewal or bundles of 5 if that better suits the definition of “exceptional” renewal rates at your org

  • Referrals

    • Referrals are an important part of consistent-high growth for sales orgs. Celebrate your sales reps who are getting referrals through an Accolade that is awarded either manually or automatically through metric attribution

    • 5 referrals in a month club can be awarded as a monthly recurring Accolade to any rep who is able to obtain 5+ referrals in a single month. 



  • Manager to rep discretionary Accolades are great for grit awards, hustle awards, helper awards for reps mentoring new hires or any other noteworthy behavior a manager may want to distinguish.

  • Peer to peer accolades are great for allowing reps to recognize and reward other reps for helping them out. Some examples may be: 

    • Kudos! An award when you see a rep is grinding hard or motivating the team

    • Got your back: this award may be given when a rep has covered for you when you are out on vacation, helped role play deal scenarios, or stepped in when a hand was needed

    • Innovation award is great to recognize team members who are solution oriented and looking for ways to level up the team or business. 



  • Move from Jr. Account Executive to Sr. Account Executive by hitting 45 deals in a quarter (in addition to 150 lifetime deals sold)

    • This example comes from our customer The benchmarks and thresholds can change according to what is more relevant to your org

    • Set up an Accolade that tracks meetings set, deals held or other bench marks that are crucial from moving from Jr. to Sr. SDR, SDR up to AE and so on. 

What's new with this release?

  • Upgraded user experience and design with the Accolades builder
  • New support for tiered Accolades and repeat winners
  • Peer to peer Accolades
  • Social sharing of Accolades to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and email

See the sales clubs and sales awards we use at Ambition

(We also include some customer examples!)


Check out the full Office Hours recording for a technical walk-through here: 


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