On our 4/23 Office Hours session, our CSM team covered tips and tricks for customizing Ambition user settings to help sales reps build their personal brand in their organization. Here are a couple of ideas that your sales reps can use Ambition to show off their style and build their internal brand reputation. 


Build organization wide buy-in with your celebration alert gifs 

Both remote and centralized sales teams benefit from the use of triggered alerts to notify the organization when milestones are being smashed. When the whole company can now see triggered alerts coming in for meetings booked, opportunities created, or deals being won, you want to make sure they see you stand out in the crowd. Here are some ideas to leverage your personal gif to get maximum attention and become synonymous with closing deals. 

  1. Consider choosing a theme
    Katie Rhode created a lot of buzz by only using pizza themed gifs for her celebration alerts. If you saw pizza, you knew immediately it was Katie who got the meeting or closed the deal before you even read the details.

  2. Pop culture gets the laughs (and the attention)
    Bret Longwell capitalized on the Tiger King mania with a gif that gets the entire GTM team laughing, reacting, and noticing when he books a meeting.
    Tiger King

  3. Curate a vibe
    Similar to a theme, our CSM Emma Hamilton has curated a vibe for her gifs. Whether it is Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton or Schitt's Creek, you know a trigger is Emma’s when you see it.
    Dolly Parton


>>See examples of milestones you may want to use for private and public triggered alerts<<

Ask great questions and share great ideas

Sales reps who ask great questions and share great ideas get noticed. Those that show they are striving for personal and professional development are sought after first when it comes to promotion and leadership opportunities, but sometimes it can be hard to show that about yourself without a platform to do so. Reps can make use of Employee Asks to have a documented system of collaboration, communication, and career development conversations right within Ambition. 

  1. Ask for a competition
    Managers can get burned out and tired of coming up with competition ideas. Using Asks to submit competition ideas ensures visibility into your creative spiff ideas and shows that you think about creating a culture of performance improvement for the team. It will save your manager time, and they will thank you for it. 

  2. Ask for coaching
    Your manager may or may not have you in regularly scheduled 1:1s, but even outside of those, you may want to ask for coaching before a big meeting or feedback on a specific call. Asking formally inside Ambition helps make sure your manager won’t forget and shows your initiative for self-improvement


  1. Request an operations edit or fix 
    Show that you pay attention to process, data integrity, and org wide data hygiene by requesting fixes or edits to any groups, scorecards, or metrics that may not be right. Requesting the edit through Ambition helps your managers remember to get it right, and they will know they can trust you to be a second set of eyes for them on the operations side. 


See the full Office Hours recording here

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