Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with two really smart guys named Brian (or Bryan, if you’re into the *correct* spelling): Bryan Naas, Director of Sales Enablement, at Lessonly and Brian Trautschold, Co-Founder and COO, at Ambition. 


All joking aside, the conversation was a really helpful glimpse into how leaders on the ground, and in charge of making some giant decisions on behalf of their teams and entire companies, are changing sales processes at a moment’s notice. With a healthy dose of over-communicating, being flexible with forecasts, and helping reps have more empathetic and helpful conversations, the mighty Bri/yans are leading their teams in an uncertain time. 


Before hopping into our discussion all about increasing accountability, visibility, and scaling new processes, you can check out some stats that I pulled together. We've got the latest data around how sales leaders and reps are are adjusting to the new normal.


What % of sales leaders are adjusting quotas in today's selling climate? Download the slides and read all the latest stats around sales leadership today. 


Ready to jump into the whole convo? Watch the full recording here: 













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