The Ambition Customer Success team held bi-weekly office hours on Thursday to share best practices for leveraging Ambition to ramp and onboard new hires. Here are the key takeaways from last Thursday's session. 

Create a new hire plan for your new employees by setting realistic, custom targets on their Scorecard. Automate the ramp with smart benchmarking.


Custom scorecards for a new hire group keep the targets and quotas realistic and attainable. The attainability piece is essential for keeping new hires motivated. Because their custom targets still roll up to a 100% activity score, they are able to appear on leaderboards and participate in any scorecard based competitions right out of the gate. 


Recognize Improvement. 


Ambition allows for a number of different leaderboard types to be broadcast across sales TVs, laptops, and more. Leveraging the most-improved reps is a great way to reward and motivate your reps who are consistently improving. They may not be in first place yet, but placing an emphasis on improvements creates a culture of self-improvement across the board. 


Celebrate "firsts" with triggered alerts.

celebrate with trigger alerts

Recognition and motivation tactics not only build great culture, they help earn more discretionary effort from your team. It is a great way to show that you really do value the work you are asking your reps to do day in and day out. We also know that sales managers are unbelievably busy and don't have time to mentally make note when a rep has their first meeting move to opportunity or has just made their first dial with a connect. This is where triggered alerts can come in. Celebraate the first dial, meeting or deal of every rep in the new hire class... automatically. 

Create a new hire coaching program that automatically enrolls reps while in the onboarding stage. 

new hire coaching program

Ambition role hierarchy helps automate some of the administrative tasks for sales managers. Create a “set it and forget it” approach to your new hire coaching cadences, agendas, and metric reporting with Ambition coaching programs. You can meet with this group more frequently than your other groups with automated cadence scheduling and send out a preset agenda complete with questions or rank style polls to help keep the coaching programs focused on how to best help new hires get ramped and onboarded. 

See the full Office Hours recording here


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