According to Gartner, in B2B sales, 70% of buyers want to speak with a rep but only 8% trust the rep they are working with. Couple that with the fact that over 50% of today’s workforce is comprised of Millennials and they are allergic to talking on the phone, and we’ve got ourselves what seems like an unsurmountable problem:

How can modern sales leaders help sellers combat distrust, communicate effectively regardless of the channel, and make lasting connections that win more deals?









In this video, our all-star panel comes in: Join experts Lauren Bailey (CEO, Factor8), Natasha Sekkat (VP of Sales, Panera Catering), as they help you an increasingly dynamic, challenging, and strategic sales coaching conversation that cuts through the noise and creates lasting relationships.

Learn all about:

+ How to effectively coach the reps on your team to build trust and rapport with weary buyers
+ Incentives, contests, and competitions to keep sellers focused on elevating their conversations
+ How to partner with other teams within your organization to combat objections before the sales conversation even starts
+ The latest channels and methods that trusted sales people use to connect authentically throughout the sales process


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