Are your 2020 goals are feeling just a little intimidating? Did your SKO get you fired up...but also a tiny bit nervous? Well, you're in the right place. 


We've put a stake in the ground: 2020 is the Year of the Sales Coach (yes, it's a thing), and we believe — with 100% confidence — that shifting from a sales manager to a sales coaching mentality is the key to hitting your lofty 2020 goals.

And that's exactly why we launched our Sales Coaching Hub. 

Join the Sales Coaching Elite

A lot of sales managers know sales coaching is important...but they aren't given the tools, training or resources to coach their reps in a way that really lifts performance and productivity. When you unlock our Sales Coaching Hub, you'll get a free all-access pass to premium sales coaching content you won't find anywhere else. From videos to slide decks to playbooks and more, our Hub has usable, actionable sales coaching tips, trends and best practice — all at your fingertips.

Your burning sales coaching questions, answered

Want to personalize (and scale!) your call coaching program? Build a better, automated scorecard? Work sales contests into your coaching initiatives? Prove your impact as a sales coach so you can get recognized for your work— and even promoted? Get into our Sales Coaching Hub and:

  • Unlock *real* sales coaching decks, created by sales experts

  • Watch videos, webinars and 1:1 interviews with renowned sales leaders 

  • Download free sales coaching and scorecard templates, used by brands you know and trust

  • Become a certified sales coach with our short online training course!

You're one click away from sales coaching content you're not going to find anywhere else — unlock the Hub today!


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