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[Webinar Recording] Countdown to Q4


[Webinar Recording] Countdown to Q4

[Webinar Recording] Countdown to Q4

Sweating in the summer sun is one thing, but sweating as you near the end of your fiscal year because you haven’t hit your quota is another. Savvy sales leaders know that focusing on building a healthy pipeline now is the only way to beat the heat when it really counts.

Last week, I sat down with Rob Solberg (SVP of Sales, Jumpcrew) and Lars Wold (SVP of Sales, Dialsource) to talk about how we coach reps and clients to success month after month.

In this webinar, we talked about setting outbound and inbound goals that are attainable for every rep, creating Individual and team incentives that will motivate everyone on your team and real-life strategies for working marketing-generated leads more efficiently.

Check it out now:

Webinar Recording









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