Raise your hand if team progress towards quota is important to you, if you could drive revenue by knowing which team members needed support, or if you’d have a better grasp on the health of your sales organization with visibility into all of your key metrics in one place. 


Raise your hand if you spend hours manipulating Salesforce reports. Raise your hand if you wait for days from reports from your BI team. Raise your hand if you just don’t have a great way to get these insights.

Look around. Is anyone else raising their hand? Chances are, they might be. Many sales leaders live and die by their numbers, but often don’t know how close their teams are until it’s too late.

Enter: Ambition's fresh take on analytics. Our analytics platform gives our customers not only the tools needed to drive long-lasting, powerful behavior change on their teams, but also the robust insights to back it up and show it’s working.

Nick Love, Ambition Product Manager extraordinaire, walks us through our latest updates that give sales leaders the real-time insights they need at the moment they need it.

Analytics should help you move faster, not slower. Flexible, powerful insights turn raw data into action items that help sales leaders make the best decisions for their teams, fast — staying ahead of quota and focusing on problem areas before they impact the big number.

With just a few clicks, find out how close you are to full attainment, which of your team members are the real MVPs, which need additional coaching, and more.

Analytics is available for all Ambition customers today. Contact us to learn more or see a demo.

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