In our search for the top 10 best sales cultures, we received nominations from all kinds of sales orgs, in all kinds of industries — with teams large and small, in one office or 20, working side-by-side or across the globe.

Our great big takeaway: sales culture matters. A lot.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be shining a spotlight on a few of these inspiring teams, so we can all learn from their successes.

But for now, without further ado: we’re thrilled to announce the best sales cultures of 2019!

10. Salesforce

  • Team lead: Marc Benioff
  • Why their culture wins: If you really want to create a culture of trust, then trust has to exist on every single level. Salesforce prides itself on the trust and transparency that exists between customers and the company, between employees and their managers, and among individual salespeople.

9. FieldEdge

  • Team lead: Adam Satow
  • Why their culture wins: The FieldEdge sales team stresses the importance of hitting goals and enjoying the work they do. Fun and competition are built in to the day-to-day hustle, which pushes reps to achieve their goals and makes it easy to recognize and reward high achievements. FieldEdge makes an effort to show how individual team members have a measurable impact on the company as a whole.

8. EverString

  • Team lead: David Meskin
  • Why their culture wins: There’s a lot of talk about the importance of being a “people-driven” company. But EverString takes this one step farther: they identify as a team-driven company — because individuals reach their fullest potential when they’re working together and moving in the same direction. And that goes across the entire organization: EverString also attributes its strong culture to the alignment and synergies they’ve cultivated between sales and marketing.


  • Team lead: Veit Albert
  • Why their culture wins: How do you build a strong workplace culture when a lot of your employees aren’t actually in the workplace? For, it’s all about inclusivity, ongoing development, and public recognition for a job well done. As a result of the value places on culture, both in-office and remote employees feel welcomed, known and appreciated by their leadership and their peers.

6. Vettery

  • Team lead: Alexa Berube
  • Why their culture wins: Everyone loves a good work perk, and Vettery has some great ones. But the company is well aware that sales culture runs much deeper than solid benefits or open vacation policy. At Vettery, each rep has a voice — and that voice gets heard. That empowers employees and fosters a spirit of connectivity to one another, and to the company as a whole. As a result, everyone feels invested in the company’s growth and success.

5. Porch

  • Team lead: Cameron Andrews
  • Why their culture wins: We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: sales can be a grind. Creating energy on the sales floor (in a way that doesn’t feel cliche or contrived) is incredibly important if you want to keep your reps engaged and excited about the work they’re doing. Porch has this down to a science, having perfected the “call blitz” — which does double duty as both an energy and a revenue booster.

4. Lyft

  • Team lead: Dallas Holgensen
  • Why their culture wins: Thanks to some very key sales leaders at Lyft, the company has developed a great environment that places a high value on teamwide visibility. Lyft tracks its reps’ KPIs clearly and consistently, and they’ve implemented real-time reporting, which contributes to a culture of transparency and trust.

3. memoryBlue

  • Team lead: Marc Gonyea and Chris Corcoran
  • Why their culture wins: At memoryBlue, employees are constantly recognized for their hustle, performance, and development. That’s true even if their career takes them elsewhere: when reps get hired away by clients, their new business cards go up on a wall at the office entrance, highlighting the opportunity and network that memoryBlue loves to create for its employees. The company also names conference rooms named after top performers and hosts regional alumni events throughout the year to stay connected.

2. Fundera


  • Team lead: Tommy McNulty, Paul Rosen
  • Why their culture wins: Fun(dera) fact: 80 percent of Fundera’s management team began as an SDR or account executive at the company. To say this company has a created a culture of development is an understatement. Fundera is team- and goal-oriented — meaning that everyone is working together to achieve common objectives. Another culture-builder: the sales team truly believes in Fundera’s mission. And if you’re providing a product or service that your team can get behind on both a personal and professional level, that’s always a win when it comes to the morale, engagement and performance of your employees.

1. Hubspot  


  • Team lead: Brian Halligan
  • Why their culture wins: When sales leaders provide continuous learning, development, and coaching to their reps, they’re sending the message that they care about every person on their team. Hubspot does this especially well: by investing heavily in in ongoing sales training and education, they’ve set their reps up for long-term success — which makes for happier, more fulfilled employees.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. JumpCrew
  2. Natterbox
  3. Premier Safety
  4. DellBoomi
  5. SafetySkills
  6. AppFolio
  7. DialSource
  8. Alleyoop
  9. Procore Technologies
  10. Instapage

Thank you to everyone who nominated a sales culture — and congratulations to the sales orgs that made it in the top 10! You’re making the sales world a better place, and we admire the investment you’ve made in building a healthy, successful sales culture.

Learn how to coach your way to a better sales culture: check out our latest playbook, Moving the Middle: A Step-by-Step Guide to Smarter Sales Coaching.

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