Every company with a sales team has its own rewards system. They know their reps best, and they have rewards and recognition programs in place for reps who achieve goals.

And they bury it all in spreadsheets.

When the time comes to recognize reps, managers scramble, trying to retroactively find the data that places reps in one award program or another.

That’s why we are excited to introduce Accolades, a new feature in Ambition that is available today for all of our customers.

Accolades delivers the ultimate flexibility to sales teams, supporting both rewards programs that are automatically derived from metrics and programs that are manually derived at a manager’s discretion. Whether your award program is recurring (such as the 500 Monthly Calls Club), or whether it is a one-off (such as a life-time $1M Revenue Award), Ambition’s Accolades make it easy to define clubs and awards within Ambition, then give real-time visibility into progress against those programs for reps, managers, and executives.  

Managers can quickly set a team member goal, such as Earn President’s Club, through the Accolades feature, which then becomes immediately visible in that rep’s Coaching check-in view. From that point on, progress towards accolades becomes a regular conversation between managers and reps, and the shared visibility aligns entire teams. Best of all, your achievements are brought to the forefront and powered by data through Ambition.

Motivate your teams by giving them easy, immediate access to the numbers that matter most to them.

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