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[Webinar] 2019 Sales Kickoff Tactics That Stick


[Webinar] 2019 Sales Kickoff Tactics That Stick

[Webinar] 2019 Sales Kickoff Tactics That Stick

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: SKO planning season. From one sales org to another — we know sales kickoffs come with a lot of questions. Like...what should the format be? Who should be present? How do we keep everyone engaged? And most importantly, how do we keep the momentum going through Q1 (and Q2, and Q3, and Q4)?

This month's webinar, "2019 SKO Tactics That Stick," will take the guesswork out of your 2019 planning. Sales leaders from Ambition, Outreach, and Gong share their experience and expertise, while fielding all of our SKO questions — including:

  • How do you prep and structure your SKO?
  • What kind of role should other departments play?
  • What are the biggest mistakes sales leaders make during their SKOs?

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