Coaching is an integral part of every smart sales organization, but finding ways to track progress and completion along way the way is decidedly….less smart. Until now.

We recently announced our new Coaching platform, and we’ve been thrilled with the feedback from early adopters (pro tip: everyone is getting it soon - keep an eye on your inbox!).

Today, we’re excited to launch a new enhancement to our coaching program that allows for the seamless export of coaching session data. This allows Ambition customers to:

  • Align sales and HR teams to drive visibility into effectiveness of coaching programs

  • Import Ambition’s coaching session data, such as frequency, completion, and KPIs, into your system of choice

  • Coach your coaches by driving insight into manager coaching cadences -- what’s working, and where can we improve?

  • Easily export audit program data to view history on a particular team or team member

Sales leaders and sales enablement both have significant interest in running smooth, effective sales coaching programs. After all, solid coaching is one of the most impactful things sales organizations can do to drive performance and revenue for the business.

Ambition’s coaching platform is designed to give managers and team members one place to connect over actionable, metrics-driven conversations. Now, with additional data options, leadership and enablement have more insight into what’s truly driving performance across sales teams. See additional documentation on Coaching data exports here.

Say goodbye to the hassle of coaching via spreadsheet, and hello to easy, seamless coaching, resulting in stronger relationships, increased productivity, and better performance.

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