As the summer of Sales Coaching continues, I'm thrilled to share Ambition's newest additions to our Sales Coaching Programs.


It’s no secret, successful sales coaching requires:

1. Consistent Format

2. Regular(ly) Scheduled

3. Prepared Participants 

4. Action Items

5. Leadership Buy-In


When we launched the Coaching product at Ambition late last year, we had an amazing response from sales leaders who discovered they could easily create custom Coaching Programs to address points 1 & 2.

To fully prepare and maximize the impact of coaching sessions for managers and reps (3), we deliver objective data inside their coaching portal. Current and historical KPI performance, goal attainment and our machine learning powered Forecaster and Deviations tools are embedded in a single pane of glass. 


Action Plans are the next critical step as we enable best-in class sales orgs to run effective Coaching Programs with a best-of-breed coaching product.

Imagine you're a sales manager having a 1:1 with a rep. She has a great opportunity that needs to make the transition to the next step (let's just imagine it's ready for signature) - your rep just needs a little extra accountability to get past that last speed bump DM and get sign off.

Instead of intercepting your rep in the parking lot every morning or sending Slack bumps or calendar reminders, you can create an Action Plan on the fly for your next coaching session, or for a specified date in the future.

Linking the deliverable(s) in an Action Plan to a Salesforce record or an existing Ambition Goal is simple. You can also add in more question/answer slots, so all details are at your fingertips when that Closed Won trigger flashes across your Ambition TV.


Last but not least - let's not forget buy in.

As leaders, we love when our sales 1:1s are data-driven and objective, we love when reps and their managers are accountable to their goals and deliverables; and most of all - we love when we can see consistent performance.

Rating your Coaching Program check-ins provides leaders the ability to clearly score the outcome of each 1:1 with their reps.

coaching software

Scoring or rating your check-ins not only creates a colorful and referenceable performance history for managers - but it also provides great context when coupled with past KPI performance and Goal data.

Ratings become a recurring performance threshold that can be easily visualized from a high level with a quick glance. 

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