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Build Your Best Sales Metrics [Webinar Preview]

A preview of our forthcoming joint webinar with Truly and ExecVision, covering best practices for making sales metrics accurate, visible, and actionable.

In order to add value, sales data must be accurate, visible, and actionable. If you are bringing data into your sales process, but struggling to see results, then clear your calendar on Friday, June 23rd at 11am PT. 

Ambition is partnering with ExecVision and Truly to bring you lessons in sales measurement, coaching and process development from the 1000+ organizations our companies have worked with in the past year. 

sales metrics

In this interactive webinar, you’ll hear practical advice on how you can drive sales performance by measuring and improving the things that matter – prospect engagement metrics like talk time, meaningful conversations, and meetings attended / no-showed.

For companies using Salesforce or another high-priced CRM, there’s no shortage of numbers to look at, nor dollars spent on warehousing prospect activity data your sales force spends countless hours generating. And still, over 50% of sales reps won’t hit their quota this year.

For modern sales leaders, quick access to data-driven insights is now a must. Their strategic use is vital to short and long-term success of a growing sales organization. It's time to take ownership of prospect engagement data.

Register for the Webinar

Register for this webinar and get an actionable playbook on how to improve the following sales KPI’s:

  1. Meetings
  2. Opportunity Creation
  3. Opportunity Progression
  4. Demos
  5. Wins
  6. Renewals

Ambition CEO Travis Truett, ExecVision CRO Steve Richard, and Truly CEO Erol Toker look forward to cohosting. Come here their simple strategies for bringing accuracy, visibility, and actionability to your sales metrics. Register here.

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