Apologize for the gap between product updates, it's been a busy first quarter onboarding new customers and ramping new employees! Listed below are the more notable features we've launched over the last several months. 

Improved Call Log Processing

It's common for our enterprise customers to send us raw call logs for us to process into metrics like "Outbound Calls" and "Talk Time". Up until recently we were only able to process call duration formatted as raw seconds, for example "71" to signify a call lasting 1 minute 11 seconds. We've been running into more systems that store call duration formatted as "00:1:11:00" which we're now able to work with. 

In addition, you can now explicitely define the "Duration" format for metrics now which will display them across Ambition in a more digestable manner where we'll automatically convert seconds to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days as applicable. 

It's the little things you know!

Metric Builder Regular Expression Support

Power users rejoice, you're now able to utilize regular expressions when establishing logic within the Metric Builder... perfect for advanced metrics where you'd really like to separate signal from noise. 

Overhauled Trigger Emails

Redesigning our Ambition-generated emails has been high on our list for a very, very long time. We're finally getting to work on this though and we've started with the Ambition Trigger emails of which are now much cleaner and digestable. Hoping to have all emails converted over to our new system soon and then we'll start working on the long-awaited digest emails that will provide end-users with curated and actionable performance data on a weekly basis. 

Bulk Goal Creation

Hard to believe our Goal Management system is less than a year old given it's utilization, simply incredible and we're hard at work converting your feedback into functionality. You can now create multiple goals at once, for those large customers creating hundreds of individual goals a week... a) you're awesome and b) sorry for the inconvenience. 

Let's say you want to create a "10 Demos Set This Week" goal for all of your SDRs, three clicks and you're done!

New TV Slide Types

We rebuilt the TV interface over the winter to be 100% responsive (Ambition looks fantastic on 4k TVs) and now we're adding some new Slides Types to help with employee engagement and public recognition. 

Message / Countdown Slide

Set a message and optional countdown clock to be displayed across the office so that your sales team ALWAYS knows how many days until end-of-quarter. 

Birthday Slide

Employees can set birthdays through their settings page so that when it's their birthday week everybody will know it! Don't worry, we don't reveal how old they are :)

Anniversary Slide

Similar to the Birthday Slide, employees can set start dates through their settings so that they can be recognized for their work anniversaries each year. They deserve it!

Slack Triggers 

Surprise! Our Slack integration is now in beta which means you can create data-driven notifications that can not only be sent to Ambition TV and email but now to your desired Slack channel. 

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