Learn more about the top 5 SVP sessions at the AA-ISP leadership summit from Ambition today!

The AA-ISP Leadership Summit is upon us. The Super Bowl of inside sales is set for its biggest year yet - featuring 700+ sales leaders, 65+ sales and leadership sessions, 48 tactical breakouts, plus pre-event certification workshops, networking opportunities, and a yacht party. In anticipation of the latter, the Ambition team's in-flight playlist to Chicago will consist solely of Loggins & Messina, Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, Toto and Duran Duran.

We're not playing around at this year's Leadership Summit. As one of the reigning Top Service Providers, we feel a special duty to this year's conference. This is Part 3 of our preview series the 2017 Leadership Summit.

2017 AA-ISP Leadership Summit: Top 5 SVP Sessions

Session #1. Building a World-Class Inside Sales Team


When: 2pm CST on Tuesday.

Where: Sheraton Grand Chicago: Level 4.

Presenter: Debbie Dunnam.   

Role: Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Inside Sales. Microsoft. Seattle.

Background: During the final keynote presentation, Debbie Dunnam, the corporate vice president of Microsoft's Worldwide Inside Sales team, will provide insight into how Microsoft is transforming and digitizing the sales experience for customers. The company’s Inside Sales organization is leveraging leading-edge technology, world-class infrastructure, and a highly trained specialist sales force to enable them to drive business success in an era of digital transformation.

AA-ISP Session #2. Selling Incentives that Work 

LS2017 AA-ISP Leadership Summit 2017

When: 8:30am CST on Thursday.

Where: Sheraton Grand Chicago: Level 2.

Moderator: Tania Sheppard. VP at Brtania

Panelists: Bill Crawford. Sr VP Inside Sales, ADP. Jared Houghton. CSO, Ambition. Mike Smalls. CEO, Hoopla.   

Background: Have you already planned your March Madness spiff program to excite your team over the next quarter? Are you even excited about it this year? Spiffs, perks, gravy, incentives, extra bucks, clams, quid, holding folding - no matter what you call it, everyone likes extra money! Especially salespeople who can control how much they earn with their specific efforts. And, as managers, we love to make this competitive, highly participatory, incredibly rewarding for our teams, and fun! But, how do we keep the creative ideas coming to incentivize our teams with engaging, rewarding programs that encourage the right behavior for sales success? Join this fun, inclusive session to brainstorm and learn new ideas for your next incentive program - to be implemented as soon as you get home. Any team lead that has the opportunity to incentivize their group with extra compensation (outside of traditional salary + commission) should attend: listen, contribute, learn and implement. It'll be fun!

AA-ISP Session #3. Setting Your Gameplan 


When: 10:00am CST on Thursday.

Where: Sheraton Grand Chicago: Mississippi Level 2.

Presenter: Bryan Summerhays

Role: VP B2B Direct. MarketStar. Ogden, UT.

Background: Whether you’re just starting out or leading an experienced sales team, join Bryan Summerhays to learn how to unlock team performance by leveraging sales science and human engagement. Discover how to create your sales GamePlan by combining the right Metrics and Tools with a powerful Coaching Methodology. Empower your sales teams to consistently achieve excellence by:

  1. Leveraging existing data 
  2. Using intuitive tools
  3. Focusing on the right objectives
  4. Driving results for their business

Leave the discussion with the three simple keys you need to unlock the potential of your sales leaders with insights, analytics, and accountability and achieve consistent, excellent results.

AA-ISP Session #4. Predicting Performance  


When: 10:45am CST on Tuesday.

Where: Sheraton Grand Chicago: Level 4.

Presenter: Rob Jeppsen.   

Role: CEO. Xvoyant. West Jordan, UT.

Background: As organizations chase double-digit growth with single-digit (or flat) headcount increases, the sales world is turning to coaching. Coaching is the catalyst for sales performance and salesperson engagement and retention. However, very few people agree on what coaching really is. Join this session for a best-practice-driven blueprint of coaching success and tactics sales leaders and sales executives alike can use immediately to make the development of people and teams their most defensible competitive advantage.

AA-ISP Session #5. Your Managers Are Not Going to Coach 


When: 8:35am CST on Tuesday.

Where: Sheraton Grand Chicago: Ballroom Level 4.

Presenter: Tom Snyder

Role: Co-Founder & Managing Partner. Funnel Clarity. Washington, D.C.

Background: For how long has the sales profession heard that coaching is a key to success? Every sales training provider, sales consultant and even a few sales executives have hammered away at the value of sales coaching. We have all seen the statistics on the impact of coaching and what happens when coaching is absent. But how many organizations legitimately have a culture where managers are properly prepared and incentivized to coach? It’s time for our profession to admit that coaching by managers isn’t the norm. So, what do we do….give up? Rely on hope and prayer? Join Tom Snyder of Funnel Clarity as he shares a viable alternative to the failed idea of manager coaching.

Meet Ambition at the 2017 AA-ISP Leadership Summit

Ambition will be making our annual pilgrimage to the AA-ISP Leadership Summit. This is our 3rd year sponsoring the Summit, one of our favorite events where we play host to the most dynamic enterprise sales leaders in the world.

Last year, we earned 5K Fun Run through beautiful downtown Chicago on Tuesday morning. In addition, our Chief Sales Officer contact us via our website. 

We'll see you in Chicago!

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