Learn more about the top 5 sales ops sessions at the AA-ISP leadership summit from Ambition today!

The AA-ISP Leadership Summit is upon us. The Super Bowl of inside sales is set for its biggest year yet - featuring 700+ sales leaders, 65+ sales and leadership sessions, 48 tactical breakouts, plus pre-event certification workshops, networking opportunities, and a yacht party. In anticipation of the latter, the Ambition team's in-flight playlist to Chicago will consist solely of Loggins & Messina, Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, Gerry Rafferty (RIP) and Duran Duran.

We're not playing around at this year's Leadership Summit. As one of the reigning Top Service Providers, we feel a special duty to this year's conference. Which is why we've created your ultimate guide to the 2017 Leadership Summit.

2017 AA-ISP Leadership Summit: Top 5 Sales Ops Sessions

AA-ISP Session #1. The New Truth in Selling 


When: 8:05am CST on Wednesday.

Where: Sheraton Grand Chicago: Ballroom Level 4.

Presenter: Matt Millen

Role: SVP of Revenue and Operations. Outreach. Seattle, WA.

Background: Innovation, fueled by believing in what’s possible, has created all of the net new jobs in the last 40 years. That innovation, with help in execution from technology, makes it possible to arrange the world as we want it. As a sales executive, you get to do it every day. Innovating to create your selling world as you know it needs to be to win. Your belief leads you to innovate, thereby creating the new truth in selling. And, collectively, we are creating a global new truth in a big way.

Matt Millen, SVP of Revenue and Operations at Outreach, uncovers the path you take to realize your new truth and unleash that innovation to make it a reality. What does your selling world look like a year from now? It’s time to make it your new truth.

AA-ISP Session #2. Sales Enablement/Ops Roundtable

AA-ISP Leadership Summit

When: 10:00am CST on Thursday.

Where: Sheraton Grand Chicago: Superior A - Level B.

Presenters: Thomas Pelletier. Senior Director, Strategic Sales Enablement Programs, Thomson Reuters. Jay Davey. Chief Revenue Officer, Infinity. Kathryn Kravitz, Division VP, Inside Sales & Sales Ops, ADP.

Presenters: Mark Kosoglow. VP Sales, Outreach. Khuram Hussain. CEO, Fileboard. John Giunta, Dir. Demand Gen, Videolicious

Background: As Inside or Digital Sales continues to see tremendous growth in numbers and importance, so has the role of Sales Enablement or Sales Operations. In the past, the Inside Sales leader had to wear many hats in support of their teams. The role of Sales Enablement or Operations has evolved to support a wide set of complex and growing needs around tools, technologies, training, on-boarding, reporting and compensation, and others. 

If you support Inside Sales, join us for an in-depth look at ideas, best practices, and actionable takeaways which will help you support your organization’s overall sales execution and performance.. 

AA-ISP Session #3. Building Your Sales Technology Stack

AA-ISP Leadership Summit

When: 10:00am CST on Thursday.

Where: Sheraton Grand Chicago: Superior A - Level B.

Moderator: Jake Reni. Sr. Manager, Inside Sales - Enterprise. Adobe. Sales Lake City, UT.

Presenters: Mark Kosoglow. VP Sales, Outreach. Khuram Hussain. CEO, Fileboard. John Giunta, Dir. Demand Gen, Videolicious

Background: What are the must-have tools I need to support my Inside Sales team? Do I have the right ones or am I caught up in tech-overload? 

Come prepared to explore the world of tools and technologies and learn from those who have both made mistakes and experienced success in implementing just the right solutions for their team. Hear about some new, emerging technologies that might be just what you need! Bring your questions and be prepared to offer some of your own ideas around this hot topic. 

AA-ISP Session #4. The Hiring Game Has Changed

AA-ISP Leadership Summit 2017

When: 9:05am CST on Tuesday.

Where: Sheraton Grand Chicago: Ballroom Level 4.

Presenter: Kristen Hamilton and Josh Jarrett

Role: Co-Founder & CEO; Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer. Koru. Seattle.

Background: A top-performing sales person can regularly produce 200-300% of quota. A miss-hire distracts the organization, never hits quota, and is gone in a matter of months. What predicts the difference? Sales leaders attending this session will take home early insights from the 2017 Inside Sales Hiring Benchmark Report. This joint research study between AA-ISP and Koru, the leaders in predictive hiring, analyzes what skills are most relevant for Inside Sales in today's innovation economy.

AA-ISP Session #5. Revolutionize Sales with Innovative Thinking 


When: 9:35am CST on Tuesday.

Where: Sheraton Grand Chicago: Superior B Room.

Presenter: Tom Leidigh.  

Role: President & CEO. Infinity. Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Background: While the marketplace is rapidly evolving, sales leaders still find themselves consumed by the same challenges—training, hiring, and performance. Small incremental changes aren’t enough to address these issues. Innovation is needed to get past these challenges and achieve more. In this session, you’ll learn how to use a 10X philosophy to create a unifying vision that will promote innovation within your organization and how this 10X process can create a high-performance culture, attract and retain top sales professionals, and achieve a New 100% sales level.

Meet Ambition at the 2017 AA-ISP Leadership Summit

Ambition will be making our annual pilgrimage to the AA-ISP Leadership Summit. This is our 3rd year sponsoring the Summit, one of our favorite events where we play host to the most dynamic enterprise sales leaders in the world.

Last year, we earned 5K Fun Run through beautiful downtown Chicago on Tuesday morning. In addition, our Chief Sales Officer contact us via our website. 

We'll see you in Chicago!

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