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New Feature: Ambition Fulcrum


New Feature: Ambition Fulcrum

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New Feature: Ambition Fulcrum

We're proud to announce Ambition Fulcrum... a ground-breaking new interface for leveraging any data source into employee productivity. After significant engineering effort and extensive real-world testing Fulcrum is now available for general release. 


Fulcrum allows Ambition customers to connect data sources, map information, and build metrics for tracking employee productivity and company performance. A data unification system specifically designed to unburden IT departments and empower non-technical administrators, it's now possible to create advanced metrics in minutes without needing to submit a single ticket to your support team.

  • Connect data sources via FTP, SFTP, or API. 
  • Define and map the data's structure.
  • Build performance metrics (including the ability to combine data from multiple systems into advanced ratios) without a single line of code. 


Connect data sources to Ambition via FTP, API (and of course, Salesforce). 

Map your data source's fields to Ambition. 

Create powerful metrics without writing a single line of code... redefining your ability to measure and manage. 

Want to see more? Contact us for a full product walkthrough and bring Ambition to your company, today.

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