We're excited to announce the latest round of Ambition TV upgrades, just in time for the end-of-the-year push!

TV Update #1. 100% Responsive

The TV has been rebuilt from the ground-up to scale from an iPad to the latest and greatest 4k TVs. 

TV Update #2. Preview Mode

You can now preview TV slides as you are building them, perfect for getting everything just right before pushing live to your TVs across the office. 

tv update lori moore

TV Update #3. Presentation Mode

Turn off the automated carousel so that you can click through slides and results during meetings. Replace your PowerPoints with Ambiton!

presentation mode

TV Update #4. Goal Slides

Display employee, group, and organizational goals. 

goal slides

TV Update #5. Multimedia Slides

Upload images and play Youtube/Vimeo videos. 

multimedia slides

TV Update #6. Employee GIFs

Show employee-set gifs on the Leaderboard if available. 

employee gifs

Drive Sales Performance with Ambition

If you're looking to drive sales force performance, check out Ambition. We're AA-ISP's Top Service Provider in Sales Productivity, Gamification and Recognition for 2016.

For more product insights, check out this full product walkthrough courtesy of ChowNow VP of Sales Drew Woodcock, who uses Ambition to propel his sales, support and account management teams. 

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