If I had a dollar for every sales floor I've been on with a little ceremonial Zildjian cymbal on some corner cubbie desk or table close to the kitchenette.

Let me tell you folks - I would have a boatload of dollars.

My first sales role out of college was on a big floor with multiple of these little copper cymbals, carefully positioned close to team leads and territory managers. I dreaded the awkward expectation to "ring the gong", which meant I had to saddle up next to my team lead and all of 8 people around her would hear it.

I similarly despised trying desperately to find my name on the list of hundreds of reps that were displayed monthly on horizontal "factory" style paper rolls. (yes, horizontally, about 20 feet in width - Oh, and updated monthly by Cheryl).

At the time I worked for one of the largest technology companies in the world.

It blew my mind that a company with such rich DNA of innovation and entreprenuerial founders used such outdated methods to recognize and celebrate wins.

Which brings me to the point.

Every day I talk to sales leaders who tell me they are hiring the best people.

They empower them with the best technology.

Salesforce CRM. Great tools and services to gather leaders and identify prospects.

Amazing products that easily allow reps follow up with their contacts or call them with a click in their CRM.

They believe they are giving their reps the best chance to succeed.

But then they tell me how they manage their teams.

They show me the white board with the weeks call leaders. Or the excel spreadsheets they send around in emails during their quarterly contests and the Zildjan cymbal by the wall the ring when a rep gets a win.

The end of month notifications that go out with percent to goal progress prepared by the sales ops team.

And I just cringe.

These sales leaders aren't thinking about creating the best sales culture.


Yes, Sales TVs look cool. Maybe they feel like a luxury.

Maybe sometimes it seem a little "too millennial" showcase cool updates with custom music or video triggers.

Live, interactive Sales TVs power real recognition and team engagement.

TV wallboards for sales can be the tip of the spear to a more competitve, fun, data driven culture.

Real-time visibility and recognition, peer-to-peer transparency and accountability - live updates and notifications based on real performance.

We all want the best for our teams and our reps - and its past time for culture to be included in the mix.


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