Your TVs are up. Your leaderboards are on. Your contests are running. You’ve brought a whole new level of energy, engagement and visibility to the sales floor — and you’re already seeing the revenue results. (Good work!)

There’s just one problem: week after week, the same team members are making it to the top of the leaderboard — and your solid, middle-of-the-road performers aren’t getting recognized for the strides they’re making from one day, week or quarter to the next. 

Not only is that a morale-killer for hardworking team members; it’s also a missed opportunity to motivate and maximize a whole lot of solid performers (which means you’re leaving money on the table)!

We’ve got a solution for that! Introducing (drumroll, please)...Most Improved Leaderboards. Watch Product Manager Nick Love's quick overview, or keep reading below to see how this feature update works (and what it matters).


How It Works

The Most Improved Leaderboard is designed to recognize the reps who are putting in the work, and seeing the results — but they haven’t (yet) found their way to the top of the leaderboard. 

This feature update gives you two options to compare individuals across a single metric: 

  • Most Improved by Value: This type of leaderboard gives rankings based on the absolute metric value. Rankings are shown based on the increase or decrease in value for the selected metric. Individuals will show a + or - next to their name. For example, a +10 would indicate that the individual did 15 more activities than the previous time frame.

    most improved leaderboard graphic

  • Most Improved by Rank: This type of leaderboard gives rankings based on the individual's increase or decrease in rank for the selected time frame. Individuals will show a ˅ or a ^ next to their name. For example, a ^26 as shown below, represents that the individual improved 15 positions (rank) last week.

    most improved leaderboard graphic 2

Why It Matters

Leaderboards are a surefire way to increase transparency on the sales floor — and we know that visibility into numbers is what really gets reps fired up to sell. They want to know how they’re progressing against goals and how they stack up against peers at any given moment. Plus, public recognition is a huge motivator; it signals to your team members that whatever they’re doing is working — so keep it up!

But only 10% of any given team is ever going to show on a traditional leaderboard. That’s a huge missed opportunity — because your greatest growth lever is your middle 70%. If you’re leaving them out in the cold, you’re leaving money on the table, period.

In conjunction with a coaching program that “moves the middle,” Most Improved Leaderboards are the perfect way to high-five the people who are clearly doing the right activities and behaviors and growing into stronger, more effective sellers, even if they’re not yet top performers. 

Where To Learn More

If you want to learn more about how Ambition Leaderboards can get a lift out of every member on your team, schedule a demo with a member of our sales team today.

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