how memoryblue is managing sales teams right now

Most sales teams are living in a period of rapid adjustment right now. We are talking weekly with our customers and sales leaders at other orgs to hear how they are finding successes in this tough selling climate. Here are the top 3 takeaways you can borrow from our own COO, Brian Trautschold and Nimit Bhatt from the memoryBlue team on how they are finding success right now. Check out the main takeaways below, then watch the full 10 minute conversation with Nimit to see the greatest Zoom background to have ever existed.


Motivating sales reps

  • This is a Great time for SDRs or BDRs who want to be in management to take the opportunity to lead. Stay positive, hustle, shine. You will be noticed and it will make a difference come promotion time when we come out of the other side. Offer up peer coaching or role playing to support your team


  • Call blitzes help unify remote teams. The memoryBlue team does 2 call blitzes per day. This is the same as before they went remote. They have added some team coaching sessions to do breakdowns of what is working and what isn’t to leverage information sharing and help the team take learnings and improve and iterate quickly. The team sharing helps motivate the team to not get stagnant on pitches





The pitch

  • Don’t be tone deaf. Even if your product is a great fit for the current situation, you still need to practice empathy and hear where people are coming from to build up trust. This doesn’t mean you can’t talk about the solution you are selling. Learn from your team what language is working best and give it a try. 


  • You can still sell right now. The cycle might be a little longer. Really mind your cadences and nurture programs. You may connect with someone who’s pain is bad enough, they buy now. But you also will come across people who have pain but are in a budget freeze. Forego the hard sell and work on a powerful nurture series to keep them engaged. Providing value will be remembered when the budgets come back. 


On coaching

  • For memoryBlue, managers are putting a lot of their time on coaching efforts. Team coaching sessions are being worked into the call blitz schedules. Pre AM call blitz, the team debriefs on yesterday’s PM call blitz. They idea share and try it out. Then they team huddle again about the morning takeaways before the afternoon blitz.


  • We are facing a whole new world of objection handling. There are now more, probably more valid, and definitely different objections that reps are working through. Reps need coaching around how to be empathetic and helpful in the pitch as well as solutions to successfully handling the new objections.


See the full 10 minute conversation (and world’s all-time best zoom background) below:



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