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Integrate your DialSource sales dialer in Ambition

The main tools that we have been relying on are Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, DialSource, and Ambition."  "In a sales center environment, activity is what we measure... We were still able to track our activity through DialSource and Ambition even while our reps were remote.

Integrating your sales dialers or sales engagement tools like DialSource into Ambition will empower sales managers to score, coach, gamify and improve overall sales productivity and performance. Increasing sales productivity and efficiency is a top objective for most sales leaders. Ambition automates motivation and recognition tactics to create a positive culture built on helping reps do more. Our automated issue detection alerts allow managers to step in to coach before things get too far off track. 

Integrating DialSource data into Ambition typically comes via an existing integration with Salesforce with data coming through several custom Objects, DialSource Sessions, DialSource Offer, and DialSource Actions.

Here are some examples of how customers leverage DialSource + Ambition: 

  • Setup a celebration alert when a rep makes 60+ calls in a day

    • Alerts can be visible in Slack, on sales TVs, via email and more. Celebrate when a rep hits an activity milestone to motivate the team through positive recognition tactics

  • Score your reps dial and email activity
    • Scorecards can be setup to focus your rep on the activities that get them to 100 for the day. Weight and benchmark the number of dials, connects, email sends and email opens a rep needs for a perfect day. The scorecards tally automatically from your DialSource data and are visible to all reps and leadership teams.
  • Run competitions on connects
    • Go beyond dials into conversations. Run a blitz to see who can get the most conversations in 2 hours
  • Coach on a performance quadrant
    • Score your reps not only on activity but the conversion to outcomes and coach your reps listed in the mid and lower performance quadrants. All the data is dynamic, real-time and automated. 

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