Ambition is an end-to-end solution for people, teams, and companies looking to scale productivity while avoiding the fatigue of piecing together apps.
Enterprise-Grade Architecture
Our first customer was a 500M company with three proprietary data sources and enterprise requirements. We designed and built the Ambition platform from the beginning as an end-to-end solution to service the needs of the world's largest organizations.
Pick Your Cloud
?Your data is isolated but you share compute and processing resources.
?Dedicated solution for large organizations with multiple production and sandbox instances.
Ambition Hub
?Connect multiple production instances together for global scorecards, goals, gamification, and analytics.
Connect Data and Build Metrics
With Ambition you can connect and leverage your entire data footprint, from Salesforce to your enterprise phone system. Our revolutionary, UI-driven Fulcrum interface will convert your raw data into meaningful metrics in 1/10 the time with 10x the flexibility.
File Upload
Manual Entry
?Leverage Ambition's revolutionary, UI-driven interface to convert and combine your raw data into meaningful metrics
Setup Apps and Drive Productivity
?Create real-time notifications and scheduled reports to track behaviorial inflection points
?Leverage built-in charts, graphs, quadrants, and spreadsheets for actionable insights
Because Performance and Scalability Matter
Whether you're already a Fortune 500 company or just starting to grow your business, Ambition is a solution you can build on and scale with today and into the future. A unified and rapidly expanding platform because nobody has time to manage a dozen disconnected apps.
Ambition Logo Competitors
?Ambition scales with your data sources, app needs, and team size
Platform App
Enterprise-Grade Integrations
?From API to FTP, Ambition can work with your valuable but hard to leverage systems
Sandbox Support
?Ambition supports sandboxing specific integrations and entire environments for testing and training
Data Transformer
?Ambition can pre-process raw data to remove burden from your data warehouse and IT team
Historical Import
?Upload years of retroactive data for analysis and benchmarking, with Salesforce it's even push-button
Private Cloud
?Ambition can create a private, isolated stack for your production and sandbox instances
Interconnected App System
?Every Ambition app can leverage data and talk to each other for a seamless, unified experience
Built-in Analytics Suite
?Actionable intelligence through spreadsheets, quadrant, charts, and graphs without leaving Ambition
Enterprise-Grade Account Management
?Ambition offers a User API, Single Sign-On, Okta, and SAML to tie into your existing systems
Custom iFrame Embed
?Want to embed Ambition directly into your existing, proprietary system... not a problem