Web Developer

Chattanooga Nashville

We're looking to hire a web developer to extend / maintain our marketing website! You'll interface with both our engineering team and marketing team to continually optimize https://ambition.com to increase traffic and ultimately conversions. This is a great job for an aspiring software engineer who is looking for real-world experience with Javascript, Python, Django. 

Job Description

  • Implement design mock-ups of both new/existing pages
  • Improve our Django-based blog framework, both frontend and backend
  • Write tests to verify functionality is working as expected
  • Run website performance audits and mitigate issues that arise

Who We're Looking For

You're relatively new to web development but looking for your foot-in-the-door within a scaling software company where you can build, learn, absorb. It's important that what you might lack in experience/expertise you make up for with curiosity, effort, passion. 

Listed below are several of Ambition's values, we're looking for engineers people who believe in what we believe. 

  • Listen to what people want, deliver what they need
  • The difference between good and great is in the details
  • Strive to do a lot with a little
  • Have strong opinions that are weakly held
  • Be honest, even when it hurts
  • When in doubt, over-communicate
  • Bias towards action, opt for collaboration


  • Experience with Javascript, Python, Django development
    • Bootcamp Graduate => 1-2 years experience

If interested in this position please send your resume and a brief cover letter to careers@ambition.com and we'll be in touch!

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