Regional Account Director

Atlanta Chattanooga Nashville Remote (USA)

Regional Account Director Job Description

COVID has forced sales teams to go remote and it's likely that most aren't coming back to the office... Pandora's Box has been opened. This is a huge opportunity for Ambition, and for you as our next Regional Account Director. 

Why? Ambition is gamification and coaching software for sales teams. We increase metric transparency, accountability, motivation, and recognition... critical for remote teams to hit number. Point-being... there's never been a better time to sell Ambition.

As an Regional Account Director here, you’ll be responsible for helping sales leaders define and scale a performance-driven remote culture — an exciting and new challenge that requires creativity and determination as you’re helping to address a new problem that requires a new budget. It’s not easy but there’s money to be made and experience to be earned that will certainly benefit you across your career. 

With that said, you’re certainly not going it alone. Work alongside our Sales Development and Marketing teams to establish relationships, leverage our existing logos and growing library of industry-specific case studies, and stand behind our category-leading product reviews to close business.  

Are you a great fit for Ambition sales?

  • Outwork your counterparts regularly. 

  • Committed to continuous improvement. Why not get better today?

  • Hates losing more than they like winning. 

  • Confident in their sales convictions… with an open mind. 

  • Listens more, talks less. 

  • You are your own worst critic + laugh at yourself often.

Have you been here before?

  • Track-record surpassing quota while selling SaaS solutions with >$20k ACV. 

  • Experience selling to VP and C-Level executives.

  • Experience selling into mid-market and enterprise companies. 

  • Experience selling in a new market without brand name credibility.

  • Engage and educate senior executives on the importance of the emerging Gamification and Coaching industry and validate Ambition as the leader in this new market.

  • Partner with the SDR, Sales and Sales Engineering teams to develop account-based sales strategies to uncover value for all go-to-market department leaders.

  • Sales Development experience preferred. 

  • Familiarity with SFDC, Outreach, LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


  • Competitive salary, benefits, 401k match.

  • WFH flexibility. 

  • Unlimited time off.

If interested in this position please send your resume and a brief cover letter to and we'll be in touch!