Platform Engineer

Chattanooga Nashville

We have a small, veteran engineering team focused on delivering a great product the right way. If you have experience building and maintaining system-level infrastructure are looking to make an impact within a profitable, scaling startup we'd love to hear from you.

Job Description

Work with a wide range of systems, processes, and technologies to ensure our platform scales as efficiently and securely as possible. 

Who We're Looking For

Listed below are several of Ambition's values, we're looking for people who believe in what we believe. 

  • Listen to what people want, deliver what they need
  • The difference between good and great is in the details
  • Strive to do a lot with a little
  • Have strong opinions that are weakly held
  • Be honest, even when it hurts
  • When in doubt, over-communicate
  • Bias towards action, opt for collaboration


  • 3+ years experience with Python development
    • Django experience preferred
  • Experience developing/consuming REST APIs
  • Experience with AWS and Docker
  • Experience scaling SaaS platforms

Why Apply?

  • A product-centric culture where smart professionals hold customer experience to extremely high regard
  • Efficient development environment, we've written a lot of great tools so that you can focus on productivity
  • Ability to write-test-deploy every day, very streamlined process with a lot of flexibility
  • Extensible, documented codebase with up-to-date packages. It's not perfect but it's better than most
  • One scheduled meeting a week. We prefer conversation, whiteboarding, and pair-programming
  • Flat hierarchy with (technical) CEO serving as the Product Owner, CTO serving as Chief Architect

If interested in this position please send your resume and a brief cover letter to and we'll be in touch!