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The 17 Sharpest Sales Minds to Follow in 2017

The 17 Sharpest Sales Minds to Follow in 2017

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The 17 Sharpest Sales Minds to Follow in 2017

New year. Fresh challenges and opportunities ahead. If you're a B2B sales professional seeking new tactics and methodologies to steal, get excited. These 18 elite minds are fertile territory.

18 B2B Sales Experts to Follow in 2017

Bulletproof credentials. Actual sales backgrounds. Zero thought leaders. Cozy up to these high-performing practitioners. Soak in their wisdom. Start building your B2B empire in 2017.

#1. Max Altschuler

best b2b sales blogs

Role: Founder & CEO at Sales Hacker.

Expertise: Sales Technology, SaaS Sales.

Social Media: LinkedIn. Twitter. YouTube.

Where to Start: The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Max Altschuler

#2. John Barrows


Role: Owner at JBarrows Sales Training.

Expertise: Actionable coaching for B2B sales teams, especially in SaaS..

Social Media: YouTubeLinkedIn. Twitter. Snapchat

Where to Start: The Sales Influencer Series Presents: John Barrows

#3. Lee Bartlett

Lee Bartlett

Role: Author. B2B Sales Professional. Entrepreneur.

Expertise: Street-level insights and advice on the path to elite salesmanship.

Social Media: LinkedIn. Twitter.

Where to Start: The No. 1 Best Seller.

#4. Jeb Blount

sales podcasts to listen to in 2017

Role: Founder, CEO & Podcast Host at Sales Gravy.

Expertise: Funnel insights for front office teams and executive recruiting.

Social Media: WebsiteLinkedIn. Twitter.

Where to Start: Accelerate! Episode 15.

#5. Rosalind Brewer

women CEOs 2017

Role: President & CEO at Sam's Club - Wal-Mart.

Expertise: Enterprise strategy and market positioning.

Social Media: Forbes Profile.

Where to Start: How Sam's Club CEO Plans to Beat Costco

#6. Grant Cardone


Role: Owner at Cardone Enterprises.

Expertise: Tactics, strategy and mentality.

Social Media:  TwitterLinkedIn. YouTube. Podcast.

Where to Start: 28 Motivational Quotes from Grant Cardone

#7. Marcus Cauchi

top salesmen 2017

Role: Sales Management Trainer at Sandler Training.

Expertise: Sales management, business leadership.

Social Media: TwitterLinkedIn. YouTube.

Where to Start: The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Marcus Cauchi.

#8. Robert Greene

world's best salespeople

Role: Author of The 48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction

Expertise: The psychology of sales.

Social Media: Wikipedia. WebsiteLinkedIn. Twitter.

Where to Start: The Apex Predator Explains the 48 Laws of Power

#9. Tamara Schenk

sales leaders for 2017

Role: Research Director at CSO Insights.

Expertise: Strategy and trends in B2B sales transformation and leadership.

Social Media: LinkedIn. Twitter.

Where to Start: The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Tamara Schenk

#10. Mark Kosoglow

vp of sales 2017

Role: Vice-President of Sales at Outreach.

Expertise: B2B sales leadership and team building.

Social Media: LinkedIn. Twitter.

Where to Start: The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Mark Kosoglow

#11. Saket Kumar

saas sales experts

Role: Writer.

Expertise: Sales strategy, criticism and execution.

Social Media: LinkedIn. Twitter.

Where to Start: Why Tech Companies Suck at Hiring Salespeople

#12. Tucker Max

sales experts to follow

Role: Co-Founder & COO at Book in a Box.

Expertise: Sales messaging, attitude and criticisms.

Social Media: Wikipedia. WebsiteLinkedIn. Twitter.

Where to Start: The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Tucker Max

#13. Heather Morgan


Role: Founder, Copywriter & CEO at SalesFolk.

Expertise: Sales messaging, copywriting and cold email strategy.

Social Media: Inc page. LinkedIn. Twitter.

Where to Start: The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Heather Morgan

#14. Andy Paul

best sales podcasts

Role: Speaker, Trainer & Podcast Host.

Expertise: B2B management strategies, tools, and their applications.

Social Media: WebsiteLinkedIn. Twitter. Podcast.

Where to Start: Accelerate! Episode #319.

#15. Marylou Tyler


Role: Consultant & Co-Author of Predictable Revenue & Predictable Prospecting.

Expertise: Building and scaling outbound sales programs.

Social Media: WebsiteLinkedIn. Twitter.

Where to Start: The Sales Development Accelerator

#16. Tien Tzuo

top sales executives

Role: CEO at Zuora.

Expertise:  Technology sales strategy, operations and positioning.

Social Media: LinkedIn. Twitter.

Where to Start: Changing the Game of Enterprise Software

#17. Gary Vaynerchuk

sales leaders to watch in 2017

Role: Founder & CEO of VaynerMedia.

Expertise: Hustle, creativity, and alignment.

Social Media: Wikipedia. YouTube. PodcastTwitterLinkedIn.

Where to Start: Gary Vaynerchuk's Greatest Videos

#18. Mike Weinberg

Mike Weinberg

Role: Consultant, Speaker & Author at The New Sales Coach

Expertise: Management strategy, tactics, and criticism. 

Social Media: AmazonLinkedIn. Twitter.

Where to Start: The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Mike Weinberg

Bonus: Sheryl Sandberg

women in sales 2017

Role: COO at Facebook.

Expertise: Management strategy, positioning, and innovation.

Social Media: Wikipedia. TwitterLinkedIn.

Where to Start: Speech to Harvard Business School Graduates.

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